CM5017S – Sulfur Coulometer

Sulfur Coulometer

Instrument used to determine total sulfur, SO2 and H2S with coulometric precision

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  • Instrument used to determine total sulfur, SO2 and H2S in a solution with coulometric precision. The CM5017S quantitatively titrates SO2 and H2S. Typical applications include the determination of total sulfur (by combustion) and the determination of SO2 and H2S (by acid evolution). The coulometer cell is filled with a solution which initially contains a slight excess of free iodine. When SO2 or other reducing substances enter the cell, iodine is consumed. The amperometric-sensing circuit detects the deficiency of iodine in the solution and causes iodine to be electrically generated at a rate proportional to the sensed deficiency. When all of the substance has been titrated, the iodine is restored to its initial concentration, and the quantity of the titration is read directly on the display in user-selectable units. Since the coulometric efficiency is 100 percent, sample calibration is not necessary. The linear range and accuracy of the coulometric technique exceeds that obtained by other detection methods.

    Part Numbers:

    CM5017S-01 110V, 50/60Hz

    CM5017S-02 220V, 50/60Hz