UIC Europe

New distributor for UIC Inc. and SH Scientific products, and R&D facility for sensors and detectors

UIC Europe covers European, Asian, and South American markets with both UIC Inc. and SH Scientific products, and with new products, developed in-house. UIC Europe is designed as customer and value focused company that offers affordable analytical instruments and sensors for a wide scope of industries and research fields. We focus our experience on providing solutions to transform our customers’ lab research into products ready for the global market. To achieve this, we provide a range of products and services including: instruments, sensors, software, and laboratory testing.

UIC Europe works with clients from both industry and academia, with the focus always fixed on getting our products to market. Our target customers are research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, healthcare institutions, oil and petrochemical, food, steel, rubber, paper industry, etc.

There are several technological approaches utilized in the R&D of new sensors and instruments: coulometry, sol-gel and optode technology, NDIR, optical sensor technology, nano particles, etc. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience with these technologies and with analytical instrumentation sector overall.

UIC Europe offers instruments and sensors with several unique advantages, such as low acquisition cost, simplified but effective design, and easy user-configurable interface. We offer customization of our units, even for very low volume products.

Let’s introduce us
Zeljko Jovanovic, Ph.D.

President and chief executive officer

R&D Scientist, Application Chemist, Researcher-Biogeochemistry

Research and Development Scientist with multi-national research, teaching, and work experience. Demonstrated expertise in analytical instrumentation, coulometry, biogeochemistry, and the development and application of imaging measuring techniques and micro-sensors in microbial ecology. Full-circle project leadership experience, from managing cross-functional teams to the design and implementation of experiments and statistical analyses. Working knowledge of ImageJ, SigmaPlot, CalMolli, Profix, etc.