CM260 – Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Automated Analyzer

Optional pH channel and salinity probe

Multi-sample and multi-detector capable analyzer for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)

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  • CM260 is a dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) analyzer with optional pH, and salinity probes, for measurements in aqueous solutions. CM260 combines a CM5017O Coulometer and CM5260 MODICA, which is a multi-sample and multi-detector capable instrument for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), with optional pH, and salinity probes, for measurements in aqueous solutions (seawater, fresh water, etc.).

    CM5260 MODICA provides high precision, multi-sample batch processing capability (thermostatic sample chamber can hold up to 10 samples per run) or continuous underway capability achieved by feeding underway sample directly to the instrument, using predefined routines according to sample types. Predefined steps such as blank run, CRM run, sample measurement, and waste dump can be easily configured, saved, and loaded. Multiple readings can be obtained from the same sample.

    Optional pH channel and/or salinity probe. As an add-on option, CM5260 MODICA can incorporate a pH channel based on spectrophotometry, using mCP indicator and/or DEFI2-CT salinity probe. With added pH channel two CO2 parameters can be obtained
    from the same instrument to fully characterize water CO2 chemistry in a single run.

    CM5260 MODICA also includes integrated pure CO2 calibration hardware which gives users additional tools to evaluate instrument performance by measuring CO2 from calibrated CO2 loops in addition to certified reference materials (CRM). The CO2 calibration includes two CO2 loops to cover the full DIC range that user generally encounter.

    A built-in computer with full Windows 10 operating system and 10” touch screen for a completely self-contained user experience is implemented.

    In addition, MODICA can also be connected to CRD-based instruments such as Picarro isotopic carbon analyzer with peak integration plugin installed so not only DIC but also C13 and C12 ratios could be obtained in precision comparable to that obtained with coulometry.

    CM260 – DIC Automated Analyzer includes:

    CM5017O Coulometer and CM5260 MODICA

    Part Numbers:

    CM260-01 110V, 50/60Hz

    CM260-02 220V, 50/60Hz