CM5700B – TIC Autosampler

TIC Autosampler

Automated front-end acid digestion instrument

  • Categories: Carbon and Sulfur Measurements
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  • We would like to introduce our NEW completely automated CM5700B TIC Autosampler. It is an automated front-end acid digestion instrument used to convert inorganic carbon species into CO2 and deliver it to the CM5017 coulometer cell. It has a built in stirring and heating block (optional), where sample flasks are lowered in one by one, that goes up to 180 °C. Up to 15 samples (with 80 ml flasks) or 30 samples (with 20 ml flasks) can be analyzed in a single run.

    The CM5700B is interfaced with a CM5017 CO2 Coulometer but is also compatible with a previous model CM5015. Applications include soils, sediments, geological materials, sludges, water, wastewater, coals, ceramic powders, column packing materials, etc.

    CM5700B TIC Autosampler features:

    • 15-position or 30-position carousel
    • Solid pre-scrubber for CO2 removal from the gas stream
    • Self cleaning
    • Post-acidification scrubber for removal of interfering gases released during sample digestion
    • Stirring and controlled sample heating up to 180 ◦C

    Part Numbers:

    CM5700B-01 110V, 50/60Hz

    CM5700B-02 220V, 50/60Hz