CM5017 – CO2 Coulometer

Carbon Coulometer

Instrument used to measure carbon as CO2 in a carrier gas with coulometric precision

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  • The CM5017 measures carbon as CO2 in a carrier gas. The gas stream is bubbled into a coulometric titration cell which contains a CO2-sensitive ethanolamine solution. There, CO2 reacts to form a strong, titratable acid. That acid, in turn, causes the ethanolamine solution’s coulometric pH indicator to fade from blue to clear. The CM5017 photometer recognizes this color change and automatically prompts the instrument to initiate a current within the cell. The current electrochemically generates a neutralizing base at a rate roughly comparable to 1500 micrograms of carbon per minute. As base is produced, the pH of the cell solution gradually returns to its initial level and the colorimetric indicator returns to blue. The current generated in this 100% efficient coulometric process is integrated to determine the total energy required. Using Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis, the total charge used in the titration is directly proportional to the amount of CO2 initially absorbed by the ethanolamine solution.

    The automatic CM5017 allows the analyst to select the type of analysis to be run, as well as other user selectable parameters. Names, weights, volumes, or areas of up to 50 samples can be entered, to be used by the CM5017 in calculating the result. Detailed analysis data and parameters are automatically saved to USB Thumb Drive. Data can also be transferred through the serial and Ethernet ports for further data processing.

    An optional printer is available for detailed hard copy of data as well.

    Part Numbers:

    CM5017-01 110V, 50/60Hz

    CM5017-02 220V, 50/60Hz